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I am a Greenville SC Wedding Photographer and the owner, creator and educator of Danielle Dziedzic Photography estd in 2011. My love for photography started back in high school taking pictures of punk rock bands at a local cafe. I remember standing against the stage with my camera waiting to FEEL the right moment to take a picture. I used those images in my college application to apply for photography school, and I got in! I still use that same method in my photography today. We will create unique, authentic and romantic imagery and film together that make you FEEL.

I am your typical classic tee, oversized sweatshirt type of gal! I am all about simple, comfort and most days you’ll find me in my comfiest of clothes, snuggled up in my office chair dreaming about who’s love story will walk into our lives next!

I’m Danielle

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our mission is to capture you at your happiest moments and in your most comfortable state in the arms of someone who feels like home!

Wedding & Elopement Photographer and Videographer + Industry Educator based in Greenville, SC

Adventurous • Romantic • Earthy

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We design our films to relive your entire day, we want you to feel like you're at your wedding all over again.

Every film we create is tailored to your wedding day and your love story. Our goal is simple, to bring you right back to the moment of marrying your person. We want you to be able to watch your loved ones, listen to your speeches and vows, see you laugh, cry and be married!

Our biggest mistake from our wedding day is not having a video to replay. We regret so much not being able to hear the people we love say such kind, sweet and funny words to us on our most important day. Don’t be us, don’t regret not hiring a videographer.


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So, whether you just got engaged, growing human life, your first little babe as tiny as can be, or you just want to capture your family as a whole, I’d love to preserve these memories for you!

After becoming a Mom, I quickly developed a passion for preserving moments in every season of your life. Time goes by way too fast and these milestones that we hit throughout life come and go, but I’m able to capture them and document these feelings for you to revisit time and time again.

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1:1 Education

  • website that converts 
  • becoming an LLC
  • sales tax + paying yourself

  • brand identification
  • pricing
  • posing + lighting
  • workflow + systems 

Let me show you the way

There are two sides to being a wedding photographer, learning the craft and being a business owner. Two sets of skills that can be very intimidating! Don’t worry, I am here to help! It took me about seven years to perfect my style and brand as well as running my business legal and legit! Let me teach you things right off the bat!


About the Team

team weddings are $500 off

If I am personally unavailable for your wedding date, you can still be a DDP couple and book with my team! I have an incredicale associate teammate, Catherine! She thrives at delivering the same quality experience that I would!

Catherine will shoot your engagement session (yes, you’ll get to meet her beforehand!) and wedding! Then, Danielle will still process all the images and delivery as well as handle all the prep work, consultation calls and timeline planning!

My team is growing!

Now Let's Hear Your love Story!

We moved to South Carolina three years ago in pursuit of warmer weather, slower pace and cheaper living if i'm being 100% honest! Together we have created the most wonderful life and it’s been such an adventure chasing after the life we’ve always wanted. However, our greatest adventure thus far has been becoming parents to the sweetest most joyful boy, Jackson!

Seven Years later

We technically met in 2005 when we both worked at Target (yup, everyone's fav store!). I had a huge crush on him (but I was too nervous to ever say anything). Fast forward ten years later, we ran into each other at a local CrossFit. We exchanged numbers (oddly enough, I already had his number still in my phone from ten years ago [so weird!] he swears he didn't even have that number when we worked together and I just was some creep who stalked him all this time (not true!) We had our first date at a little Vietnamese restaurant called TOPO [the old post office] and we've been together ever since! We have mutual friends who have known us separately and together--- they all agree together makes more sense!

Ya know that saying, "It was right in front of your face the whole time?" Well, that's kind of how it went down. And "it" was us!

Our Love Story

how we met &