Greenville south carolina photographer and Videographer

Fav Food: Sushi and Pasta 

Fav Music: Country or Punk Rock

Fav Hobby: home projects / renovations

Danielle is a Greenville South Carolina Photographer who graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2009. She began by photographing weddings of several friends and then eventually landed a job lead shooting for a national company where she gained most of her experience before going full time in 2019. She has grown to love a natural, candid shooting style that represents your day exactly how it went down. In her spare time, she's hanging with her hubby and son, Jackson!



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Fav Food: Mexican

Fav Music: Anything you can dance to!

Fav Hobby: Reading and listening to audio books

Peter is a Greenville South Carolina Videographer who fell in love with photography after second shooting for Danielle in 2020. He's always been the tech guy, has a love for building stuff and learning something new. This led him to be a creator. After he applied this to photography, he realized how much he loved being part of a wedding day! Peter is our lead videographer for the team! His favorite part about video is the emotions that film and audio can trigger while you relive your day. He's a huge family guy, so in his spare time he's hanging with Danielle and their boy, Jackson!



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Now Let's Hear Your love Story!

We moved to South Carolina three years ago in pursuit of warmer weather, slower pace and cheaper living if i'm being 100% honest! Together we have created the most wonderful life and it’s been such an adventure chasing after the life we’ve always wanted. However, our greatest adventure thus far has been becoming parents to the sweetest most joyful boy, Jackson!

Seven Years later

We technically met in 2005 when we both worked at Target (yup, everyone's fav store!). I had a huge crush on him (but I was too nervous to ever say anything). Fast forward ten years later, we ran into each other at a local CrossFit. We exchanged numbers (oddly enough, I already had his number still in my phone from ten years ago [so weird!] he swears he didn't even have that number when we worked together and I just was some creep who stalked him all this time (not true!) We had our first date at a little Vietnamese restaurant called TOPO [the old post office] and we've been together ever since! We have mutual friends who have known us separately and together--- they all agree together makes more sense!

Ya know that saying, "It was right in front of your face the whole time?" Well, that's kind of how it went down. And "it" was us!

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