A Little About Me, Danielle Dziedzic


So guys, welcome to my blog! I am excited to have you here!! I am going to be writing and talking about tons of fun stuff! I will be featuring my couples with lots of favorite images from their wedding and a little post on my bride + groom so you can get to know them better 😉 I will also be sharing some tips + tricks to help make your wedding day run as smooth as possible (this is ALWAYS my brides number one concern) Plus, I will even be sharing some shooting techniques for my fellow photographers that I use to create my images! So stay tuned in 🙂

But…..before we get started, here’s a little about me— I don’t have this cool photography career story that I read about a lot from other photographers. None of my family were photographers (or even artistic for that matter), I didn’t start playing with a camera at a young age, I wasn’t even involved in any photography classes through high school. So by this point you are probably wondering, than how the heck did I come to run a successful wedding photography studio? The answer – I have no clue. Just kidding—-honestly? I was taught about photography at a professional photography college and I just learned to love it. I didn’t know this was going to be my career. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school. I didn’t even know this is what I wanted to do when I was in college. But, I embraced it. Art always came more natural to me then Math. So my brain was always on the more artistic then technical side. I was always an emotional person and as a started to shoot I started to connect my emotions into my photographs. The more experience I got after college, I developed a style and a love for weddings. After two years of photographing portraits and weddings on the side, I figured out that weddings are my passion. So much so I decided to have one myself haha, but seriously I did. I married my wonderful hunk of a husband July 6th, 2018! We have nestled up in a little apartment in Northern New Jersey. A lot of my couple come from NJ & PA—- but we love to travel! Ask us to hit the road, we will make it happen!



Fall is my FAVORITE time of year.

Addicted to chapstick.

I love to laugh and have fun.

I quote movies and Tv shows often.

Sweat pant lover.

Craft Beer Enthusiast. Kane Head High is my favvvv.

I love to travel.

I love to meet new people, stop by and say hi!





 All photos documented by Sarah Brookhart Photography.

All photos documented by Sarah Brookhart Photography.


A Little About Me, Danielle Dziedzic